Thousands of fans came together Tuesday at the Municipal Plaza outside Calgary’s City Hall to celebrate the Calgary Stampeders’ Grey Cup victory over the Ottawa Redblacks.

The Stamps beat the Redblacks 27-16 in Edmonton on Sunday, for the CFL’s 106th Grey Cup Championship game.

Robert Hutchinson, a long-time Stamps fan, knows how special this win is to Calgary.

“We’ve been through the rough years. I wasn’t there for ‘48 but ‘71, you know I was young,” says Hutchinson. “And to finally get this stretch where we’ve had a great team, and to win up in Edmonton, to see that celebration up there, it’s very sweet, really sweet.”

Fans Jill Howell-Fellows and Laurie Mills agree and say that the celebration couldn’t have been any better.

“It was wonderful, just perfect,” says Howell-Fellows.

Mills says, “It was a beautiful day. The sun is out, it was great.”

CrowdsWEBThousands of fans gathered outside of City Hall in downtown Calgary on Tuesday, Nov. 28 to celebrate the Calgary Stampeders 27-16 Grey Cup win against the Ottawa Redblacks. Photo by Sadie Johnson.

Howell-Fellows is already setting her sights on another win.

“It was exciting, yes. Maybe next year, you never know,” says Howell-Fellows.

Hutchinson explains how this year was the Stamps’ time to shine and how the team’s strong bond helped them win the coveted championship.

“The sense of family, the togetherness. All of my time being a fan, these words have really, really stayed true for this team,” says Hutchinson.

“I just hope they can keep this team together. There’s some questions about that, but today I’m elated.”

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