Fashion is a major part of any era and in some cases, it defines that time period. Throughout the years, people have been changing their look to blend in, feel comfortable or to stay on top of trends. However, the fashion industry is expensive. According to Statistics Canada, in 2016 the average household spent $3,371 on clothing and accessories. One Calgary fashion stylist is challenging the industry and is pushing for affordable contemporary clothing.

Gabi Conac is a fashion consultant and personal stylist who operates from her blog Wardrobe Detectives. The main goal behind her company is to provide affordable, functional and accessible clothing for her clients.

Conac shares her latest styles on her InstagramPinterest and Facebook. On Pinterest she shares affordable clothing found in Calgary.

Conac said everyone has potential and clothing is just another way to let people’s attributes shine. Fashion can change someone’s outlook on life and can help them succeed in their professional and personal life, she adds.

“I’ve seen numerous examples through my clients’ stories. People who saw a real change in their career path after undergoing a styling project.”

The best ways to get the biggest bang for your buck is to shop during sale season, said Conac. Another way is to look for outlets that carry high-quality brands for good value.

Try not to overspend on items and buy outfits in different seasons. For instance, buy summer clothes in the fall and winter clothes in the summer, said Conac.

Fashion is an important part of Conac’s life for both professional and personal reasons. Fashion is a communication tool, said Conac. A person can build a brand from their style. A person’s fashion tells the story of who they are and how they want the world to perceive them, she said.

Conac is pregnant and she said her body has been going through changes she was unprepared for. However, “Dressing the part comes as a huge confidence booster to me.”

Value is a big part of Conac’s fashion advice and career. Fashion should be an affordable tool so people can get more out of a product for less money. However, it does occasionally make sense to pay more for a high-quality item that will last, she said. Splurging on a long-term investment item can be quite rewarding.

Conac created her blog in order to grow her business and build a rapport with her clientele. Conac runs Wardrobe Detectives on her own. She said working on the blog herself has made her a pro at marketing. The online presence is not the challenging part. It is when a person lacks commitment and work ethic, said Conac.

“I decided to create it as a platform to showcase my expertise and it worked so far.”

An online presence helps to connect with new and existing clients, said Conac. The blog is a starting point that can help them decide on their fashion journey. The blog and Instagram help the clients relate to fashion ideas as a starting point for discussions.

Fashion is a personal journey and each one is different. Learn and experiment everyday said Conac. “There is no degree or school for ‘personal styling’ better than a daily commitment to learn and get inspired.”

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