The opioid crisis has had a devastating effect on families throughout Canada, with 4-thousand people losing their lives in 2017. Opioid Stories is a multimedia website featuring a handful of the individuals who have experienced the epidemic firsthand, in one way or another.

Marielle Price 1 copyPetra Schulz holding a picture frame containing images of her son Danny, who lost his life to an accidental fentanyl overdose in 2014. Photo by Holly Maller.
The site focuses on the loved ones left behind when someone experiences an opioid related death. By sharing the stories of their loved one’s addiction and eventual death, they hope to not only inform the audience about just how widespread this problem is, but they also hope to chip away at the stigma and misinformation surrounding addiction.

Using information from a rehabilitation specialist, medical expert, and someone in recovery, the website emphasizes the scientific truth behind addiction and the fact that it is a chronic brain disorder, not a choice or moral failing.

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