The Calgary Tower is no doubt the most iconic Calgary structure in the city’s history.

Built 1967 and finished in 1968, the tower was originally called the Husky Tower. The original price tag of the building was $3.5 million with an added $2.4 million in renovations during 1985. With a 360 degree panoramic view of the city, this structure is able to withstand an earthquake.

The tower was renamed the Calgary Tower in 1971. The change in name was meant to show that it belonged to all Calgarians.

The tower was also a very popular destination during the 1988 Calgary Olympic Games. The tower saw tens of thousands of people step inside for a stunning skyline view of downtown. And just one year prior, they placed a gas-filled cauldron on top to serve as the Olympic flame.

OldCalgaryTowerNEW copyThe Calgary Tower was constructed between 1967 and 1968. Photo courtesy of the Calgary Public Library, Williams and Harris Shared History Centre.

According to the Calgary Tower website, in 1988 “A hand-held replica of the Calgary Tower with an Olympic flame crosses Canada during the torch relay.”

After the Olympics, the tower became a founding member of the World Federation Of Great Towers. This list has famous towers such as the Space Needle in Seattle and the CN Tower in Toronto.

In the 2000s, the Calgary Tower went under renovations again when a glass floor observation deck was installed. And in 2014 LED lights were added, making the downtown skyline more extraordinary.

The tower is more than a half-century old, but has survived memories from small buildings to skyscrapers over the years.

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