Calgary Canvas is an ongoing series that illustrates two views on important issues in the city.

Season 2 features the following episodes, which are also available on iTunes:

Episode 1. Injection Objection: What you need to know about Calgary’s safe injection site program

Journalists Noel Harper and Christian Kindrachuk delve into safe injection sites in Calgary. They invited Dr. Nicholas Etches with Alberta Health Services and Will Lawrence, co-owner of Shelf Life Books, to discuss the contentious Safeworks site at Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre.

Episode 2. Trouble in Transit: How safe is transit for women?

Journalists Qassim Merali and Hadeel Abdel-Nabi examine female safety on public transit at night. They invited Sarah Almquist to tell her story of a terrifying night on transit and Brian Whitelaw to detail what peace officers are doing to improve safety.

Episode 3. Comedically Correct: A conversation with comedians about political correctness in the Calgary stand up scene

Journalists Isaiah Lindo and Jess Bach tackle political correctness with comedians Brett Forte, Brian Stollery, and the Yuk Yuks roast champion,Sam Walker. The guests attempt to bridge the cultural divide that PC culture has formed by showing both sides’ legitimacy and some of the problems surrounding hot-button issues.

Episode 4. Pint Pressure: How much craft beer can Calgary drink?

Journalists Marius Andrei Pintea and Bailey Gingras-Hamilton talk about craft beer and its spread throughout Calgary. Several breweries are frustrated as they keep up with all of the beer that is flowing in the city.

Episode 5. YYC PVP: A small team of Calgarians have decided to jumpstart their own eSports projects

The Calgary Journal speaks with the Calgary eSports League and the Node Gaming Cafe about eSports in Calgary. The international phenomenon of competitive video gaming has inspired a few Calgarians to dive in, but will eSports take off or will it take more time before its true potential is unlocked?

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