As Albertans await election results, the Calgary Journal pulled together a wide swath of tweets from a busy day of voting in the province.

We begin with just plain funny.

Reporter Madeline Smith with Star Calgary used a gif to hint at the fiery nature of politics in Alberta’s 30th provincial election.

And CTV reporter Chris Epp chimed in on the likely delays in getting the votes counted thanks to a massive voter turnout at advance pollsI

Ideological tweets filled up the Twitter sink as well, from the political left, right and in between.

Shane Wenzel, a self-described UCP member, explains just because he’s done with the NDP government does not make him an extremist.

An angry Edmonton physician used the platform to take aim at the NDP bureaucratic handling of resources for cancer care in the province.

Despite the anti-NDP sentiments, there was no shortage of love for NDP Leader Rachel Notley and her government.

The president of the Alberta Federation of Alberta, Gil McGowan, aligned unabashedly with the NDP, as did self-described left-winger Lucy Love.

Non-Albertans chimed in as well, with this tweet from an Ontarian who calls herself a bleeding heart Liberal upset with Doug Ford’s leadership.

Some tweets came from street-level, including concerns from Alberta Party candidate Gar Gar who questioned a woman who was taking down his election signs.

Election signs must be removed 72 hours after polls close.

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