Screams and cheers filled the Big Four building Tuesday night as the United Conservative Party swept the NDP from power after only one term.

Despite a divisive and chaotic campaign, leader Jason Kenney prevailed and will become Alberta’s 18th premier.

“Today our great province has sent a message to Canada and the world — Canada is open for business,” Kenney told supporters. “Help is on the way and hope is on the horizon”

Throughout the campaign season, polls predicted a UCP win despite numerous allegations and controversy that surrounded Kenney and his candidates.

Disappointment across parties

NDP Leader Rachel Notley won her seat in Edmonton but the number of other former cabinet ministers joining her will be reduced.

To chants of “Rachel, Rachel, Rachel,” Notley expressed her thanks to her supporters and said she is happy with the changes her party was able to make during their one term in office.

“This may feel like a step back, but remember, we have made tremendous, tremendous progress,” she said.

Notley confirmed that she would stay on as leader of her party and the opposition in the legislature.

David Khan, leader of the Alberta Liberals, lost his seat in Calgary-Mountain View to the UCP.

“It will be bittersweet … because it’s my fourth time, so I’m not planning on running again,” he told the Journal before the results were in. The seat was previously held by David Swann.

Liberal candidate Cathleen McFarland said every additional seat the UCP gets is a “stranglehold” for free press, LGBTQ issues and more representation across the province.

NDP supporter Nicole Roth was also disappointed with the UCP win.

“[Rachel Notley] is the polar opposite to Jason Kenney,” said Roth adding that this is the reason she supports Notley.

The Alberta Party did not win any seats but won roughly 10 per cent of the vote provincewide.

Greg Clark who ran in the Calgary-Elbow riding remained hopeful for the future of Alberta despite his own party’s loss.

“My sincere hope is that the UCP governs wisely .. I’ve always said that I will never cheer against Alberta,” Clark said.

“All of us Albertans, whether elected or not, need to hold our government accountable and make sure our voices are heard.”

Calgary riding results

As of Tuesday night, results were still unconfirmed by Elections Alberta, but the CBC results tracker showed the following results for Calgary ridings:

Calgary-Acadia: UCP wins 
Calgary-Beddington: UCP wins
Calgary-Bow: UCP wins
Calgary-Buffalo: NDP leads
Calgary-Cross: UCP leads
Calgary-Currie: UCP leads
Calgary-East: UCP leads
Calgary-Edgemont: UCP wins
Calgary-Elbow: UCP leads
Calgary-Falconridge: UCP leads
Calgary-Fish Creek: UCP wins
Calgary-Foothills: UCP wins
Calgary-Glenmore: UCP leads
Calgary-Hays: UCP wins
Calgary-Klein: UCP leads
Calgary-Lougheed: UCP wins
Calgary-McCall: NDP leads
Calgary-Mountain View: NDP leads
Calgary-North: UCP leads
Calgary-North East: UCP wins
Calgary-North West: UCP wins
Calgary-Peigan: UCP wins
Calgary-Shaw: UCP wins
Calgary-South East: UCP wins
Calgary-Varsity: UCP leads
Calgary-West: UCP wins

Votes have not been completely counted at time of publication and will be updated with final numbers tomorrow.

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