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Cher opens her show descending on a platform with a stage incorporating video visuals, theme changes, elaborate costumes. Photo: Floyd Black Horse

For fans of all ages, the Cher concert in Calgary on Tuesday, May 28, brought out people who have loved the star since the beginning of her career. The legendary singer performed music from her 26th studio album, Dancing Queen, and included a back catalogue of some of her biggest hits.  

The media loves to shine light on her age while poking fun at the number of farewell tours she has done since Believe. However, the artist continues to roll with the punches and at 73, she emphasizes how women from her generation are needed now more than ever.

The focus on Cher is all about the outfits famous in her career: leather, net stockings, and strappy tops. During her show, she opened with a goddess-like descent wearing a golden breastplate and a headdress to match.

Singing Women’s World from her last album, Closer to the Truth, the crowd roared with excitement at seeing the star. The song is a dance anthem that celebrates love and the hurt that comes with it. It was followed by Strong Enough, one of her biggest songs which catapulted her back on top of the world stage in the early 2000s.

The opening act emphasized her reason for being on tour, with the entire production presenting her life in film and television; from a tribute to her former and belated husband, Sonny Bono, to an interview with David Letterman. 

Voices CherConcert Blackhorse4Themes from songs such as Mama Mia and ABBA covers. Photo: Floyd Black Horse

Voices CherConcert Blackhorse5Photo: Floyd Black Horse

Voices Cher Blackhorse2The pop superstar and award winning actress sings If I Could Turn Back Time for one of her final performances at the show. Photo: Floyd Black Horse

“Three days before my birthday, the producer of the David Letterman (show) called me and said, ‘how would you like to spend your birthday with Dave?’ And I said, ‘I would love to…for $28,000.’”

The monologue was about owing a hotel debt to one of her friends, which she had to find a way to pay back. She explains how she eventually went on the show and developed a long-lasting friendship with the talk show host.

She also remembers crying tears of happiness at some of the events which shaped her life.  After an award-winning career, including her nomination for best supporting actress in Silkwood, and her win for best actress in Mask at the Cannes Film Festival, the star still encountered barriers.

Cher says the moment her children walked in the room and saw her crying, she explained to them, “these are fabulous tears. These are tears you pray for as an actress. Because when women are really, really happy, they cry.”

On stage, Cher’s every move evokes a cheer. She walks to one side of the stage and the crowd screams. From floor seats at the concert, it’s easy to see why she continues to be part of the lives of her fans.

Cher loves connecting with her audience. It’s her way of getting to know so many people at once. It’s a process she is well aware of, telling stories about her famous life and interactions with some of the figures she’s met. In doing so, there’s a real-life person to the singer, actress, television personality and tabloid target.

The audience responds with joy and laughter at hearing her tales about the music industry.  And it’s also her personal journey she shares on stage through her performances of the Shoop Song, Fernando, and If I Could Turn Back Time.

The only thing left to imagine after the concert is how they are going to find a way to immortalize the diva using robotic engineering in the future.

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