“What do we want?”
“Climate action!”
“When do we want it?”

Chanting students, music and witty signs flooded the steps of city hall on Friday for Calgary’s Global Climate Strike. Calgary was one of many cities around the world that took part in the Global Climate Strike, which calls on governments and demands urgent action on climate change.

Climate Strike 5 Shirt WEB16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg proves that activism can start at a young age. Photo by Alaina Shirt

The strike was inspired by 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, who has been on Sweden’s parliament steps every Friday calling for change.

Fridays for Future was created as a response to Thunberg’s dedication. It’s a global movement of young people who believe if climate action doesn’t happen soon, they don’t have a future to look forward to.

Climate Strike 2 Shirt WEBSeptember 20th was a day off for many Calgary and area school boards, which allowed students to join the strike without missing school. Photo by Alaina Shirt

Rose Jackson, a University of Calgary environmental science student, is the organizer of Fridays for Future in Calgary. Jackson has been striking at city hall every Friday since March 15 of this year.

“Youth are extremely important. They are our future,” she said. “What we do or don’t do now will determine the fate of our generation, and each generation to come.”

While the strike was geared towards students, hundreds of people of all ages participated.

The strike included speeches from climate change activists, as well as musical performances and a visit from Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May.

Climate Strike 6 Shirt WEBClimate-concerned youth in Calgary organized a die-in, a protest where participants act dead to create a strong image of what they believe could be the future if there isn’t a stronger action taken against climate change. Photo by Alaina Shirt 

There was also an organized die-in, an act of protest where people lie on the ground to simulate a death scene — what many believe will be the result of climate change if action isn’t taken.

The day kicked off Global Climate Week, which will end with another strike at city hall next Friday, Sept. 27.

Climate Strike 4 Shirt WEBCalgarians were among hundreds of thousands of people from around the world who joined together for the Global Climate Strike. Photo by Alaina Shirt

Throughout the week, Calgarians can get involved in many different climate-focused activities around the city in an effort to spread Thunberg’s message about the importance of climate action. 

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