Mapping Visual Illusions is a Beakerhead workshop that teaches the art of projection mapping. It was held on Sep. 21 at Memorial Park Library.

Mapping visual illusions: The in’s and out’s of projection art. from MRU Journalism on Vimeo.

Projection mapping is an art form used to turn objects into a display surface. It can be a simple or complex activity that reflects on things such as statues, buildings and other 3D objects.
People came to learn about the digital medium in part because they were inspired by Spectral Illuminations, an event known for showcasing this particular kind of art.
Vicki Chau of EMMEDIA Galleries organized the event and talks about the ease and instantaneity of this art form.
“You don’t have to buy any materials. All you need is a digital projector, and once it’s up there, and then you take it away it’s kind of gone,” she says.
“So it has this kind of ephemeral nature to the artwork, where the only time you get to see is if you’re there in person.”

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A finished projection done by a pair of students. Photo by Anosha Khan.

Jackie Huskisson is the artist and instructor for the workshop. She has been practicing this form of art for three years — her work is showcased at Spectral Illuminations.
Huskisson says she hopes the workshop will provide people with a basic understanding of this art form.
“From there they can get inspired to do bigger projects or to do their own art projects from it,” she says.
The event was free to attend, but required registration. It was sold out and held about 16 attendees.
EMMEDIA Galleries plans to co-operate with Beakerhead to bring both Spectral Illuminations and Mapping Visual Illusions back next year.

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