September 22nd marked the 25th anniversary of the Calgary Aids Walk and Run, an event organized by HIV Community Link which raised over $37,000. Runners and walkers gathered at Eau Claire Plaza to support and fundraise for those affected by HIV.

Leslie Hill, Executive Director at HIV Community Link said the event is a good opportunity to celebrate the progress made for those affected by HIV.

“Years and years ago [it] would be a memorial when someone received an HIV diagnosis,” said Hill.“They were told to get their affairs in order and they didn’t expect to live very long.”

Today, advances in research and medical technology allow those with HIV to live long and healthy lives, although it may still come with its own challenges. 

Finish LineKids race through the start line of the Calgary Aids Walk and Run, and past to participants who decided to showcase their support by getting dressed up for their walk. Photo courtesy of Mariah Lee Photography.
Event sponsor and dentist, Trey Petty, originally came to Calgary after being recruited by the provincial government to provide dental care for those affected by HIV.

“They couldn’t find any dentist in all of southern Alberta that was willing to see people living with HIV.”

Calgary Journal videographer Michelle Huynh caught up with Petty at the event.


HIV Community Link raised upwards of $37,000 on September 22nd, the 25th annual Calgary Aids Walk and Run. Video by Michelle Huynh.

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