“It’s important to me personally because I’m a mom, and I’m worried about my children’s future,” says Simone Lee, an organizer of the Calgary Climate Expo & Parade. The event was held at the Calgary Municipal City Hall on Sept. 20, bringing attention to the issue of climate change.

Lee isn’t the only mother who attended the event. Nearly 800 people of all ages came to support climate action. Following the exposition, they marched together through downtown Calgary to put on a grand display of environmental awareness.

Laura Keeth-Rowledge works at the Climate Ribbon Booth, and is happy to see so many people coming together.

“Right now we need to be finding support from each other, and that’s a huge part of what these events help us do,” she says.

According to the Calgary Climate Hub, the event was very successful and helped build momentum for even bigger numbers at the Youth Climate Strike the following week on September 27th.

Nearly 800 people of all ages gather at the Calgary Climate Expo and Parade to show support for climate action. Video by Chloë Chapdelaine

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