Stereotypes, negative associations and stigma often prevent individuals from seeking help with addiction. But, the 12 Step program demonstrates that long-term recovery is possible.

Devin Reud-Fraser, training and marketing director at Sunrise Healing Lodge, an Indigenous recovery centre struggled with addiction for 12 years until his 31st birthday when he sought treatment.  

Fraser now trains addictions counsellors on the 12-step process and celebrates nine years of continuous recovery. 

“For someone who has been at that hopeless place and knows exactly what that pain and suffering is like at that bottom, that place of despair. To see someone be able to walk out of that, that’s what keeps me clean and sober on a daily basis,” he said. 

Taylor Dumais, a Sunrise Healing Lodge alumni once struggled with alcoholism and now takes women through the 12-step process. 

“I’m just so incredibly blessed to have found this. I really, really hope that other people see the light in recovery,” Dumais said.

Calgary Journal videographer Michelle Huynh caught up with Fraser and Dumais to learn more about their recovery journey at the Sunrise Healing Lodge.

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