Pandemic lockdown has some perks — working from home, having time to learn a new hobby or two and even catching up on TV shows you’ve been wanting to watch. But some new habits are going to have to be broken when this is all over. Here are seven things that should be left in the past with COVID-19.

1. Ordering booze for delivery … and drinking it all right away: Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love to have alcohol show up at your front door without even having to put on pants? The problem arises when you order a flat of beer and finish it all on your own within 48 hours. 

2. Haircuts at home: There’s a reason we pay our barbers and hair stylists for their services and that reason has never been clearer. Sure, the haircut you gave yourself may look okay from the front on a Zoom call but the 3-D version may not be quite as sharp. Let’s leave haircuts to the pros.

HaircutPhoto: Nicholas Montpetit-Skuba

3. Everything to do with Tiger King: Now there’s a guy who needs a haircut. Yes, the show was thoroughly entertaining, but the Carole Baskin jokes are wearing thin. From memes on Facebook to dances on TikTok, let’s leave Tiger King in the past with quarantine.

TigerKingPhoto: Nicholas Montpetit-Skuba

4. Ordering McDonald’s for delivery: Does anyone ever actually need McDonald’s bad enough to order it for delivery? Probably not but those fries are just so damn good. From here on out though, maybe support local a little bit more and order delivery from our neighborhood restaurants.

McDonaldsPhoto: Erik Mclean/

5. Stocking up on toilet paper: For those who panic purchased, continue working through your three-year supply before you go out and buy more.

TPPhoto: Erik Mclean/

6. Ordering snacks from Amazon: Not having to leave the house and have snacks delivered is pretty awesome, until you have packages showing up every day containing only a single bag of chips — even if you were hungry after 14 beers and thought it would be a good idea at the time.

SnacksPhoto: Ryan Quintal/

 7. Watching professional athletes play video games: Esports are popular but watching Major League Baseball players hit virtual line drives or hockey stars playing Fortnite isn’t exactly entertainment. Let’s leave that to the professional gamers.

GamesPhoto: Vlad Gorshkov/

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