Rola Muhieddine, at her Calgary salon. PHOTO COURTESY: RENÉ J MICHAUD

After university, Rola Muhieddine pursued a career in the oil and gas industry. Muhieddine’s interest in the sector led her to earn a bachelor degree in business operations from the DeVry Institute of Technology in Alberta. She says because she was a first-generation Canadian, it was important for her and her family that she got an education. 

“It was a big deal that they saw their children apply themselves in ways that they may not have had the opportunity to, so getting educated and being in a country with all the opportunities that Canada has to offer was a big deal.”

But when she realized her passion lived in the beauty industry — a place where she could share her feminist message — she quit her job to create her own company. 

“I’ve always been so proud of being a mom, being an entrepreneur, being a wife, I think as women, we’re born for this. We’re born to take on so much.”

Rola muhieddine

Her childhood friend and now business colleague, Jennifer Oppenhuizen, says Muhieddine always saw herself as a leader. Working in oil and gas gave Muhieddine the chance to do that, until she gave birth to her first daughter, Mianna in 2009. 

Oppenhuizen says even though Muhieddine succeeded in the energy field, her passion from a young age was always in the beauty industry, especially because her family owned a salon business. 

“Growing up, it was a balance between things like the marketing aspect and business and makeup. Rola always loved beauty and glam.”

Muhieddine is now the owner of Maison Blu House of Glam, a salon on 17th Avenue. However, her job is more than getting women ready for their special occasions. Muhieddine teaches people how to master their makeup, expand their skills and upgrade their knowledge through different classes. 

“Maison Blu Academy is my education platform. So, it is where I teach pro artistry certifications,” said Muhieddine.

Muhieddine’s team consists of professional women who share the same values as her. She says feminism is important because women take on many roles on a daily basis. She thinks supporting other women is crucial to  build a nurturing and positive society full of ambitions. 

“Maison Blu is an empire of women,” she says. “I’ve always been so proud of being a mom, being an entrepreneur, being a wife, I think as women, we’re born for this. We’re born to take on so much.”

Alessia Bellusci, a client at Maison Blu for more than seven years, says any time she’s in the studio to get her hair and makeup done, she feels a positive energy and female empowerment from Muhieddine towards her staff. Bellusci says this is also shown in the work Muhieddine does on her and other clients.

“Rola is just about empowering all of the women that work with her. She’s all about, ‘Let’s all empower each other and work hard to build each other up and be successful.’ Rola, doesn’t just put makeup on your face. She brings out the best in every woman,” said Bellusci. 

Muhieddine says she likes to surround herself with positive people.

“Proximity to the things that you aspire to be like is what’s going to bring you success in life,” said Muhieddine. 

Muhieddine hopes to expand her business and build more Maison Blu House of Glam branches across Canada. In the future she also wants to create her own beauty line promoting her message of feminism,hoping to support other women to follow their dreams and take it one step at a time. 

“To the women that are listening and are inspired by what you see somebody do on social media as complex and as difficult as it may seem to achieve that, never compare your chapter one to somebody’s chapter 45. If something feels intimidating because you’re watching it, take your eye off of the screen.”

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