Mayoral candidate Will Vizor and his dog at a park here in Calgary. (PHOTO: SUPPLIED)

Will Vizor was born in Port Harcourt Nigeria and raised in Winnipeg, where he went to university and majored in criminology and political studies. He is now self-employed as a driver at his own transporting company in Calgary.

This is Vizor’s first time running for mayor and he hopes to expand Calgary’s economy by providing subsidies to small businesses, and making the city a tourist destination by building a multiplex that will host concerts and sports. If elected, Vizor will also work to eliminate homelessness by lowering monthly rent costs to $500 and diminish racial injustice in the city by addressing the issue and Indigenous history in schools. 

The Calgary Journal asked our city’s mayoral candidates five questions about themselves and their campaigns. Here’s what Vizor told us:

Tammie Samuel asks mayoral candidate, Will Vizor about himself and his campaign.

More about Will Vizor:

Twitter: @willvizor

Instagram: @willvizor
Youtube: Will Vizor 4 Mayor

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