Sixteen of the 27 candidates running to be mayor of Calgary.

On Monday, Calgarians go to the polls to choose a new mayor, city councillors, school trustees and more. The number of candidates running for mayor alone is more than 25. It’s a lot to figure out!

To help, we have compiled information about the mayoral candidates and asked them same five questions via Google Meet:

  1. What issue is most important to you as a mayoral candidate? How will you solve it?
  2. Why should young people vote for you?
  3. Let’s say you have some downtime from your campaign. Which local bar/restaurant/coffee shop are you going to and why?
  4. What’s one TV show or movie that helped get you through the pandemic?
  5. Calgary is in a difficult economic spot right now and many young people are looking elsewhere for opportunities. What would you do to help the city prosper as we eventually emerge from the pandemic? 

You can read the candidates’ responses as they come in and learn more about them and their platforms here:

VOTE 2021: Meet the mayoral cadidates

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