Top from left to right: Susan Vukadinovic, Nancy Close, Laura Hack, Patricia Bolger.
Bottom from left to right: Charlene May, Marilyn Dennis, Dana Downey. (PHOTO ILLUSTRATION: GABRIELLE PYSKA)

Many Calgarians are celebrating Jyoti Gondek’s win Monday as the city’s first female mayor. But the most striking results of the night may have been in the public school trustee elections, where voters elected an all-female slate, including six of seven new members.

Outside of Ward 5 and 10’s trustee Marilyn Dennis, the Calgary Board of Education trustees will be entirely new. The board was expecting five new members, with Althea Adams and Dennis being the only two members who re-ran.

Dennis says she’s excited to work with her new colleagues. 

“I’m looking forward to having some conversations around what our priorities will be after we’re sworn in and form the new board,” she says. 

The new trustees will be sworn-in at a ceremony late next week.

Official School Board Trustees Results

Wards 1 and 2: Dana Downey 

Wards 3 and 4: Laura Hack 

Wards 5 and 10: Marilyn Dennis 

Wards 6 and 7: Patricia Bolger 

Wards 8 and 9: Susan Vukadinovic 

Wards 11 and 13: Nancy Close 

Wards 12 and 14: Charlene May

Full elections results here

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