Calgary Canvas is an ongoing series that illustrates two views on important issues in the city.

Season 3 features the following episodes, which are also available on iTunes:

Episode 1. Withstanding Winter

Journalists Marin Peake-MacAlister and Gabrielle Pyska dive into the topic of homelessness in Calgary with Drew Guzstak, the volunteer coordinator at the Mustard Seed, and Garry Wise, a man who has experienced homelessness himself. They tackle issues such as dealing with harsh winters and what Calgarians can do to help.

Episode 2. Good Sport

Ethan Ward and Zach Weil take a deep dive into why exactly the participation rates in youth sports are declining. Through Interviews with two time Olympic gold medalist Catriona Le May Doan, and the CEO of Kidsport Calgary Kevin Webster, we get to hear two unique perspectives on why this problem is happening. Webster and Le May Doan both offer unique perspectives into what the City of Calgary and their respective organizations are doing to combat this problem.

Episode 3. Hometown Hip-Hop

In this episode of Calgary Canvas, reporters Sam Chipera and Eric Tanner take to the local hip-hop and electronic scene to talk to two veterans of the art. Rick Cruz and Jonathan Stoddart, both better known by their stage names DJ C-SIK and Ricca Razor Sharp respectively, know a thing or two about the local scene. With both musicians having 10 plus years of experience under their belts, they reminisce about their start-ups, trends that have come and gone, and what more has to be done by the city to embrace local acts.

Episode 4. Clash of the Concerts

In this episode, Mackenzie Mason and Zachary Poole explore Calgary’s plan for replacing the Saddledome with a new arena being built in 2021. It talks how this will affect the amount of traffic Calgary gets from larger touring artists versus how this will impact Calgary’s already booming live music scene in smaller venues. We spoke to Ian Low, President of Central Canada for LiveNation, and BJ Downey, a booking agent for venues around the city like Broken City and the Palomino, to see what they had to say for the future of Calgary’s live music scene.

Episode 5. The Outsiders

In this episode, Grace Heavy Runner and Emmanuella Kondo look into racial issues in Calgary that still persist. Hear from two Calgarians as they explain how their race plays a role in their daily lives.

Episode 6. University Adversity

After graduating high school, there are two common paths one will take: get a job, or get a post-secondary education. The vast majority consider university to be the better option in the long run, but fail to consider the potentially long-lasting health effects that could impact students for years to come. Spencer Yu and Gage Smith talk to two students at Mount Royal University to get their takes on the issue.

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