In my photo, I was trying to create the experience of standing before mountains and admiring their beauty. I had my subject stand slightly off centre, and set out to capture the contrast between her jacket and the fence. My goal was to create an impactful image that wasn’t solely focused on the horizon, but rather on how the subject and the mountains worked together to create a photograph. This photo was taken in Banff, Alberta. – Cassie Meyer.

Through the Calgary International Fashion and Arts Week’s contrasting use of colourful runway lighting and unlit audience, as well as their choice of model, wearing Elena Golovi Couture Felting, I was able to capture a wonderfully dramatic moment on the catwalk. The model’s strong angles coupled with her confident pose and expression juxtapose brilliantly with the soft colour and femininity of her gown. The fifth annual event, a celebration of diversity, culture, heritage, and kindness, was held at the Hyatt Regency downtown.

Fashion is an amazing art form and its expression can be impactful and meaningful. Particularly after a long season of global pandemic, it was equally refreshing to witness and experience the energy of all the artists who created this event. – Amie Osness.

I was inspired by a photo I had seen on social media. It was a black screen with the words “Art is Dead.” I took an old colouring book page and scribbled the word art on it. I then took it outside and lit the edges of it with a match. I then sat back and watched art die. – Olivia Whissell.

The photo of a woman walking on the street with a car passing by was part of a soundscape assignment. The assignment was to create audio that was immersive and then to take photos to go along with the audio. 

This photo was taken across four lanes of traffic in the middle of the day, in downtown Calgary. I had the subject walk back and forth in hopes that I could catch traffic in frame at the right moment. I hadn’t realized the circles of light coming through and highlighting the woman until I had gotten home to review all the photos. – Cheyanne Cranford.

‘Growing Pains’ is a piece about learning to grow past one’s trauma and the parts of ourselves that we wish could be hidden. It’s about expressing your faults and looking towards the future instead of staying in the dark. – Zoe Montgomery.

The subject of this photo is my cat, Pickle. He was a cherished member of my family for the last 10 years and this last month we made the very difficult decision to euthanize him due to health issues. His humorous personality has made for countless stories and laughs over good times.

In fact, the title of my image, “Guard Cat”, was a name Pickle earned due to his large stature and wariness of strangers. Pickle has brought nothing but happiness and warmth into his family, and so, instead of grief or loss, the concept of my photo is simply the face of a cat that has brought so much love into the lives of many. – Amy MacCallum.

This photo was inspired by images of water droplets I had seen on the Internet. I was curious as to how these photographers had taken these photos, and so I attempted to try it on my own. I set up a colourful background to bounce the light off of, and then using the flash on my camera as well as a high shutter speed, I photographed the moment when the drop hit the water. – Kelsea Arnett.

My concept for this photo was looking through a lens to transport you somewhere new. I illustrated this concept by using my camera to peer through a pair of retro glasses to look at an Eiffel Tower keychain. I wanted to capture the mystical feeling that allowed my imagination to take me to new places as a child, even if I was just sitting in my kitchen similar to the position in which this photo was taken. – Kurstann Mast

The photo was not planned. While shooting for an assignment, I took a few photos of my dog Frodo, and I ended up loving it so much that I wanted to submit it.

It was a difficult photo to take — Frodo is very energetic and likes to move around a lot! The photo was taken right after my mother left to go to work. My dog Frodo, as well as my younger dog Missy, likes to look out the window at the front door and wait for whoever has left the house to return. Therefore, I titled the photo ‘The Loneliness Begins.’ – Charlotte Vos.

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