Looking down 17th Avenue from the front of Saucy Burger. Photo: Sydney Klassen-Rosewarn

Saucy Burger sources locally and is community-minded, but this means higher costs in an already stormy season for restaurants. 

Michael Dekker is the owner of Saucy Burger. He says it never feels like there are too many burger places. 

Michael Dekker, owner of Saucy Burger. Photo: Sydney Klassen-Rosewarn

“If we can tap into something that really appeals to people and try to make this whole concept of local work, I think it was the best place to start,” Dekker says. 

Saucy Burger sources their meat from Prairie West, a local supplier. For their turkey burgers, they source from Winter’s Turkeys which is located southeast of the city. They also source their buns from a local bakery called Good Bread in southeast Calgary. 

Laurel Winters from Winter’s Turkeys, says when you buy from them, you can have peace of mind because you know where your food is coming from. 

“You’re keeping that food here in Alberta where it was grown, raised and processed,” she says. 

Dekker says it takes a whole community to be successful. 

Though there are no guarantees in the restaurant industry, Dekker argues that when you eat at Saucy Burger, you will feel better than you would if you eat at a franchise fast-food restaurant.

“t’s real food, we know who produced it,” he says.

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