Moonstone Creation is a Native gift shop and art gallery located in the heart of Inglewood. The business is family-owned and operated, known for their “wearable art,” some of which they create in-store. 

Yvonne Jobin and her daughter Amy Willier opened Moonstone in 2009. Amy had recently had her son, Colton, at the time and did not want to leave him to work. 

Watch the documentary Moonstone: Amy’s Legacy

Having discussed opening a store before, Jobin and her daughter decided to pursue this dream and Moonstone Creation was born. 

Today, there’s a wide selection of art pieces available in the ever-growing store. You  can often find Jobin’s nieces, Kim and Tina Brothers, creating colourful beadwork in the back room while working the store.

Devastatingly, Amy Willier unexpectedly passed away in January of 2021, but the family and community kept the store going despite the challenge of grief, along with the pandemic.

Moonstone: Amy’s Legacy lets us into the family, spirit, and heart behind this Native-owned Calgary business, sharing where the business is at a year after the passing of someone so loved and important to the family, gallery, and community.

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