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Colossi’s Coffee House, located in the heart of downtown High River, has continued to grapple with small town business competitiveness. However, they have proven to outlast many of their competitors while still serving popular hot and cold drinks for 19 years.

Customer Julie Burridge, noting the differences between popular chains and small local businesses, says that it is the obvious love that goes into all of their beverages that keeps her coming back for more.

“This way the money stays local and you are helping out another family that is local,” says Burridge. “They put more time and care into your drink – more love.”

Barista Quinn Hughes has been with Colossi’s for four years. She says that it is returning customers like Burridge who make her job so enjoyable.

“We put a lot of care into our drinks and I think we care more about our customers,” says Hughes, explaining the differences between Colossi’s and big coffee chains.

Colossi’s showcases an array of art pieces done by locals in their store, along with a large variety of different beverage and food options. The local business proves to stand up to its local competitors while going above and beyond the average daily coffee experience.

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