Creation of Man. Photo: Isabella West

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel The Exhibition has recently set up shop in Calgary at the BMO Centre. The exhibit opened March 3 and runs until April 14. 

The idea for the exhibit came from CEO and founder Martin Biallas’s experience at the real chapel in Rome. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of the art, he was overwhelmed by the the overcrowding, photography restrictions and distance between himself and the chapel’s domed ceiling. 

“That’s why he decided to put the frescoes at an arm’s reach away – so that guests could not only appreciate the art in detail but do so at their own pace and with the freedom to take as many pictures as they want,” says Erin Aldridge, the marketing director at Paquin Entertainment Group.

Guests are invited to experience one of Michelangelo’s greatest achievements from an up-close and personal perspective. The paintings are brought to life using a Silicone Edge Graphics printing technique accompanied with high definition photos in order to capture the original colours and textures of the art.

Overview of the exhibit. Photo: Gurleen Jassal

When guests enter the exhibit, they are welcomed by a 10-minute introduction video that shares details of the process Michelangelo endured while creating his masterpiece. Visitors then proceed into the main room where they are greeted by 34 world-famous frescoes. The main room showcases life-size paintings while the other paintings sit in the middle of the room with benches to sit and take in the art. 

“We believe Michelangelo is an artist whose work resonates with a wide range of visitors. This is an exhibit for lovers of art, history and faith,” says Aldridge.

One guest at the exhibit said the experience was wonderful.

“I especially feel very connected to the world because of it, because I was listening to the audio and I was seeing how Michelangelo interpreted these stories.” 

Because of Biallas’ personal experience at the Sistine Chapel in Rome, guests who visit the exhibit can now observe the art in a unique way, have photography freedom and enjoy the art at their own pace.  

The exhibit is currently running in roughly 30 cities around the world. Tickets to the Calgary event are available for purchase here

An imitation. Photo: Gurleen Jassal

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