On March 11th, the Stardale Women’s Group came to the Mount Royal campus. According to their website, the group has been empowering the lives of indigenous girls, strengthening their families, and helping them overcome systemic barriers. 

An excerpt from the event reads, ​​”One of the ways Stardale helps girls heal and connect with their culture is through the art of drumming. The Stardale girls have specifically been taught and perform Indigenous medicine songs which are thought to be healing and encourage inner peace and connection. The intention behind their songs is to heal, uplift, calm and connect.”

The group performed a number of songs in Wyckham house and by the East Gate after connecting with their drums, smudging and posing for some photos from a number of Calgary Journal reporters.

Photos are courtesy of Grace Heavy Runner, Spencer Yu, Emily Marsten, Mirandah Shereni, George Potter and Laura Balanko-Dickson

Photo Credit: Grace Heavy Runner
Photo Credit: Grace Heavy Runner
Photo Credit: Grace Heavy Runner
Photo Credit: Spencer Yu
Photo Credit: Mirandah Shereni
Photo Credit: Laura Balanko-Dickson
Photo Credit: Emily Marsten

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