Diverse City is a new podcast series by the Calgary Journal that looks at the many people places and cultures that make our city a better place.

In this three-part season, host and producer Lexi Freehill speaks to Calgary women in leadership roles, ranging from the world of entrepreneurship, to queer activism and Indigenous recognition circles.

You can listen to Season 1 of Diverse City below, or download the episodes wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode 1: Koleya Karringten

In the first episode of Diverse City host Lexi Freehill sits down with entrepreneur Koleya Karringten, a CEO in both the oil and gas and cryptocurrency industries. Karringten speaks about her formative years learning from her business-minded father, finding female role models in a male-dominated industry, and navigating the job market as a visible minority.

Episode 2: Victoria Bucholtz

The second episode of the season features Victoria Bucholtz, a trans woman, queer activist, and professor of history and gender studies. Hear Bucholtz discuss her struggle against homophobia and transphobia growing up, how she got into the art of drag, and her efforts to educate workplaces on equity and inclusion.

Episode 3: linda manyguns

For the final episode of this season of Diverse City, Lexi sits down with linda manyguns, a highly-decorated academic and respected Blackfoot woman. manyguns is the current vice-president of Indigenization and decolonization at MRU, passionate about approaching her work from traditional perspectives, and details the effects of the backlash she received after adopting the lowercase movement in support of minority recognition.

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