Hanupor Apparel was born in Mary Ladipo’s living room back in Nigeria over five years ago and her business has continued to grow and flourish since she immigrated to Canada. 

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Ladipo gained her fashion sense and her knowledge of the business from her mother, who was also a fashion designer. 

“Coming to Canada has really helped me up my business a lot. In the way that I learned to manage my business. How to invest in the business and in myself,” says Ladipo.

Growing up watching her mother, she often wondered why fashion styling had to be so scientific and rigid. Asking these questions helped her find her passion for free-hand fabric work.

Hanupor Apparel

Owner: Mary Ladipo
Instagram: @hanupor_apparel
Facebook: Hanapour Apparels
WhatsApp: api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=2348151699480

Ladipo loves marrying traditional Nigerian wears and patterns with Canadian culture and style. With each piece being custom made and tailored to the client, she hopes she can help others to feel comfortable and confident in their clothing.

We talked to Mary Ladipo about her life and business, you can watch it here:

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