Sade Babatunde is the owner of a local styling shop called Knit Me Up Style located in Vantage Point shopping centre, a place where she hopes to welcome customers of all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

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With a history in business and love for fashion, Babatunde is able to connect with her clients and help them become confident in not just their clothes, but also themselves.   

“What I really do is talk to people about their bodies,” says Babatunde. “Half of this job is being a therapist, I am encouraging them about their bodies and to dress for their body type rather than mourning what their bodies used to look like.” 

As a stylist, she offers a number of different services, the main one being styling and personal shopping. Babatunde works with her customers to take a look at what they can do with their current closet and what they can do to advance or alter it. 

Knit Me Up Style

Owner: Sade Babatunde

Phone: (780) 716-8579

Having opened in November of 2016, Babatunde is excited to see how she can continue to connect with her customers even further. 

Watch our interview with Sade Babatunde about her life and business:

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