After ending a three-year-long relationship, Monty Bechir felt a need for a more holistic approach to dating. 

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“All these dating apps sort of feel superficial, meaning, it is mostly based on looks and pictures and it feels very transactional. I think meaningful relationships should be based on more than just pictures,” says Bechir, the CEO of Vybes Technologies. 

Vybes is a dating app that uses astrology to match people. The app shows users and their matches their astrological sign compatibility in a number of categories such as communication and spirituality.

Vybes Technologies

CEO: Monty Bechir

Instagram: @vybes_social

Although the app is not open to the general public yet, the goal is to connect individuals together using more than just a photo. Bechir does not know exactly when the app will become available to the general public but it is currently available on an invite-only system. 

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