Watch Erica Johnson’s report on Calgary musician Robson Maurice.

Robson Maurice is a drummer, composer, and entrepreneur. He founded Key 30 Orchestra, a group of musicians based in Calgary who are creating a new genre; classical soul.

Maurice’s love for drumming and classical music began at a young age, the latter of which people found very unusual. He eventually began combining this classical music interest with his love for Haitain music which birthed this new genre he likes to call classical soul. 

His vision was to bring together 30 key musicians from different backgrounds into one group, now known as Key 30 Orchestra. The group includes a band with drums, guitars, and piano along with the orchestra which is composed of woodwind, brass, percussion, and string instruments.

Despite encountering many challenges since founding the orchestra–from the passing of his mother, grandmother and cousin, to the pandemic slowing down his pursuits–Maurice is still passionate about the project and hopes to inspire others. 

“I want the ones who are stuck in a mindset, to be like “Oh, maybe I should take a chance”.”

Robson Maurice, founder of Key 30 Orchestra, started drumming at a young age. PHOTO: ERICA JOHNSON

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