Full of walking trains and greenery, Prince’s Island Park is a great place to spend a day. PHOTO: JASMINE KRAWCHUK

Three years ago, in the midst of moving from Edmonton to Calgary to attend university, I spent time trying to discover who I was outside the world of household rules and curfews. Yet, even with the initial thrill of being independent, I soon came to realize that I was homesick. 

Despite trying to keep myself busy in my new surroundings – with friends, school and extracurriculars – I found myself longing for a place where I could feel grounded and at home, even in a new city. 

We all have them. Places in the city that bring us joy, big and small. In an era of chaos, Calgary Journal editors are taking time this year to reflect on the public spots that bring us happiness and peace.
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In my search for a new spot, I asked my roommate Hannah to show me some of her favourite places, and before I knew it I had found my own – Prince’s Island Park

The urban park, established in the 1950s, is located on the Bow River, just minutes from the downtown core. Spanning three kilometres, Prince’s Island Park consists of walking trails, playgrounds, picnic benches and food trucks. 

Filled with sounds of distant chatter, buskers, and river water flowing, the inviting environment has something to offer to everyone, no matter the walk of life. Prince’s Island Park invites the public to feel, and to me, it sounds and feels like home. 

Finding the Island

Website: https://www.calgary.ca/parks/princes-island-park.html

Address: 698 Eau Claire Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5N4

No matter how long it has been, leaving one life behind to create another has not been an easy transition, but when there’s nothing more I can do but miss home, the green space invites me in and lets me stay as long as I need. 

An overwhelming day can always be solved by a visit to Prince’s Island Park. Whether it is by myself or with someone I love, I put on my sneakers, play a podcast, grab a coffee, and walk amidst fellow Calgarians in the charming green space.

Home is not limited to one single place, so whatever or whoever is being missed, Prince’s Island Park is a getaway guaranteed to mend any homesickness, heartache, or void – and better yet, it is only footsteps away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Local man spends his weekends playing the accordion for the passerby’s in the park. PHOTO: JASMINE KRAWCHUK

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