On Dec. 8, the legislature passed the Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act and it received royal ascent a week later. The Act intends to provide a legal framework for Alberta to overrule what they see as “federal overreach.”

Aimed at federal pressure points like Bill C-69, the Act seeks to to assert control over Alberta’s natural resources and economic development.

Since the passing, reaction has been mixed, with many people and groups speaking out against it. We have compiled some of that reaction below.

Calls concerning the potential for unconstitutional overreach echo strongly on the net. Some say that there should have been a re-election triggered upon the resignation of previous UCP Premier Jason Kenney, as the exchange of power has caused the party to move in a different direction than what the people voted for.

In a press release, the Mikisew Cree First Nation called for the immediate challenge of Bill 1 as they say it is both undemocratic and violates the treaty rights promised to them by the Crown.

Rachel Notley, leader of Alberta’s New Democratic Party posted this political cartoon, which refers to “a few more revisions”, contrasting to the reality of how only one revision was put into place. During the night of the third reading, she voted against three different motions including the only revision that was passed.

One thing is for sure. This law will be in the news for months and years to come.

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