Venus: Future Love and its lineup of Afro-Caribbean artists are bringing recognition to Black History Month while also being themed around love for February’s signature romantic holiday.

The performances run on Feb. 10 and Feb. 11, and are part of the TD Amplify Cabaret series at Arts Commons. 

Yolanda Sargeant, one of this year’s TD incubator fellows and hosts for the show says that the event’s format is similar to a late-night talk show, with one key difference.

“We go to outer space. Last time we went to Mars, and this time we’re going to Venus,” said Sargeant.

According to Sargeant, the event is trying to emphasize human connectivity and everyone’s desires and origins in love.

“Regardless of what color our skin is, we all have hearts, our hearts beat,” she says. “It’s more or less exploring these qualities and showing oneness, because we as human beings are one.”

Evgeniy “Comrade” Bykovets, the second TD incubator fellow and host for the event, says that the cabaret is something unique for the city.

“It’s kind of creating culture. It’s bringing culture to the city, it’s bringing something different to the city that doesn’t really exist in many places,” said Bykovets.

Sargeant adds that the show explores aspects of afrofuturism, an aesthetic that combines elements of science fiction with black history and culture. 

According to Sargeant  this shines a spotlight on their growth, rather than the terrible things they experienced in the past.

“The uprising is showing that we have experienced these in our recent histories, but we are growing, and we will continue to grow exponentially,” she said. 

Sargeant said that the artists chosen to perform are a good representation of the city’s diaspora, which refers to populations that have moved to other parts of the world from their native land.

Some of the night’s talent include MC rapper, Bubba B, whose speciality is kid-friendly R&B and hip-hop music, and Canadian synthwave band Lost Decade.

Adding more excitement, Sargeant and Comrade, also known by their professional stage name Sargeant X Comrade, could be doing more than just hosting the event.

Yolanda Sargeant (left) and Evgeniy “Comrade” Bykovets (middle) perform at Mars: Second Home on November 19, 2022. PHOTO: SAM OBADERO

“Yeah, we got a few surprises. But it’s all top secret, because that’s how we roll,” said Sargeant 

Sargeant X Comrade’s newest album, titled Lofi Future, will be released later this year in either May or June, and will feature a mix of vintage, retro, and futurism vibes. 

More information and tickets for the show can be found online.  

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