In Chestermere there are a lot of places you can go to stay fit. There are a couple of gyms, a rec centre where you can play hockey and even a couple of places to train martial arts. And of course, the community is well known for its walking and biking trails.

9ROUND is a martial arts place that helps keep people of all ages fit and healthy, while providing them with a bit of knowledge on self defence.

This is my happy place because I like exercising and staying in shape especially in my case because I got a kidney transplant at the age of 18. Also, ever since I was little I was obsessed with comic books. I always wanted to do all of the things that other superheroes could do: Be strong, fast, know how to protect myself or someone else if I had to.


When I’m at 9Round it gives me a great sense of peace as well because you are also around people who are like minded and enjoying what they are doing.The great thing about this place is how personal they make the experience feel once you sign up.

Every student has their own personal trainer. Every time you come in you just say you are here to train and whichever trainer is available they start to train you. Which to me is the only real downside to this place. The fact that you will always get a new person to train you therefore, there is no sense of connection to them. Therefore, you feel much supported with the hobby you have and that no one there is trying to bring you down. Everyone is there to support one another.

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