Oliver Quarry Park has a beautiful view of the city even though it’s not the closest spot. PHOTO: ABBIE RIGLIN

Summer brought some of my fondest childhood memories, from neighbourhood lemonade stands, to pool days to beat the sweltering heat. But my favourite part was the fireworks.

Every night seemed like it had shimmering displays lighting up Calgary’s skyline. The colours seemed brighter, more explosive to my young eyes, but the real magic came from staying up late into the summer night to revel in them.

We all have them. Places in the city that bring us joy, big and small. In an era of chaos, Calgary Journal editors are taking time this year to reflect on the public spots that bring us happiness and peace.
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My friends and I piled into one of our parent’s cars, after much convincing, and drove to Oliver Quarry Park, a hidden neighbourhood gem with a perfect view of the city.

From the park we watched as bright colours lined the horizon, flying toward the sky before bursting into dazzling, sparkling patterns of fire that seemed to go on forever. After the show finished and the sky cleared, I got to watch the stars, learning their different names, and connecting them to stories I only knew from books.

Oliver Quarry Park is a spot I recently rediscovered after moving back to the southwest end of Calgary, but it quickly became a recognized spot of comfort, perfect for picnics, studying, or just plain relaxation, something not quite expected from a place so close to a highway. But the memories are louder, and the sounds become familiar.

It’s a place that is often overlooked by those that want a closer view of downtown, despite the crowds. But this spot was always close for me, a perfect halfway point between my childhood home, my friends, and my old elementary school. This place became a moment trapped in time. The skyline may continue changing, but the sky above remains the same, filled with stories and more colour than a child could ever imagine.

Getting to the park

Address: 2303 State Rd SW, Calgary, AB T3C 2M7

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