Looking westward into the heart of the city, there is an off leash park area where my dog Tinto finds his happy place. I always find myself following behind Tinto as he leads me through the park. There’s a great set of stairs that often get used for exercise, and at the bottom you can meet the Elbow River.

Scotsman’s Hill meets the stampede grounds and the trail makes a great cross-country running circuit. This area is a historic meeting site in the area and provides a lovely view. My favourite route to the top of the hill is through a short trail that’s a little hidden spot of nature, right in the middle of the city. It’s a spot where I can have a moment to think about life and breathe in some fresh air. 

We all have them. Places in the city that bring us joy, big and small. In an era of chaos, Calgary Journal editors are taking time this year to reflect on the public spots that bring us happiness and peace.
You can read the whole series here.

Once I leave that little magical landscape, I get to the top of the hill and look out and admire sprawling skyline, or the flame, as I like to call it. From the top of the hill, beautiful sunsets can be seen on any clear evening. The Saddledome and Stampede grounds located just below, provide lots of energy in July and the fireworks can be seen quite clearly from the hill as well.

All year long this hill provides a little escape for Tinto and me.

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