Art galleries have a rotating roster of new exhibitions throughout the year. Patrons see the elegant finished products, but much of the hard work to set-up and take-down exhibits is done by staff behind the scences

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The Esker Foundation is a non-profit, free admission art gallery in Inglewood that hosts contemporary art from local artists and from around Canada. 

According to Shauna Thomson, art curator at the foundation,  the work that goes into planning an exhibition starts years before it hits the gallery floor. 

“It’s a curator’s job to do the layout of the exhibition and of course we’re always working in tandem with the artist,” said Thomson.

“If you have an idea, or a particular kind of work, coming in often and having a conversation about ‘If this makes sense? Is there a better way to do this?’ happens in the process.”

The Esker Foundation has new exhibitions all year, including Margaux Williamson: Interiors and Ragnar Kjartansson: The Visitors, which are running right now.

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