Asher Landry has made waves in Airdrie as a tattoo artist with their work at Addictive Ink. Landry is putting the small city on the map with their fine lines, bright colours, and dot work. 

Landry has been interested in art and drawing their whole life, but struggled back and forth on potential career choices. They started with drawing and in their early teens developed an interest in tattoos. 

Landry studied philosophy in university, but they found it did not speak to them the way art did. 

“I ended up going to university for a while and then decided that was not what I wanted to do career wise. So, I switched over and got an apprenticeship,” says Landry. 

Tattoo training

Landry joined Addictive Ink Tattoos and Piercing in 2017, beginning an apprenticeship at the shop under shop owner Colin Ditchfield.

As an apprentice, Landry practised tracing before  moving onto more complex exercises. They would draw for eight hours a day and learn to deal with hand cramping and aching muscles. Once Landry had built these basic skills they  were able to work with real ink on fake skin.

“Eventually, you start working with the actual tattoo machines. And we’ll tattoo – it’s called fake skin. It’s kind of like a rubbery thing. It doesn’t feel at all like real skin.”

After nearly a year and a half of apprentice work, Landry graduated to become a full time artist. Landry says the transition was nerve wracking, but now has an entire mindset switch.

“I don’t get nervous for tattoos that much anymore,” says Landry. “Maybe sometimes if it’s like a big piece or if I’m worried I might not have enough time to finish it.”

Landry describes the feel and environment of Addictive Ink as the biggest highlight of their apprenticeship and career so far as a tattoo artist. 

“Everyone I work with is kind of like a family. I’ve been there for a long time and so I kind of grew up there,” says Landry. “A lot of people just kind of go to work and do their job, but I get to like seeing people that I work with.”

Talk of the town

Addictive Ink has become well-known business in Airdrie. Landry describes it as a stellar place with a great reputation and a loyal following.

Lindy Foote, a long-time resident of Airdrie, recently got her first tattoos done at Addictive Ink by Landry. Foote describes Addictive Ink as welcoming and classic, and as a resident of the small city, she’s happy to support the local business. 

“I really loved how Asher was so understanding and cooperative with the designs and the process. It’s cool how with the designs they kind of made it their own, which is nice when you see an artist’s style,” says Foote. 

Foote, who wants more tattoos in the future, has plans to return to Addictive Ink.  

However, when it comes to becoming known in the industry, it takes more than a loyal clientele. 

“It’s harder these days to make a name for yourself just because there are so many people tattooing now,” says Landry. “Now you have to be really good at a really specific kind of style to be super out there and to be noticed a lot.”

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