Artist Jacqueline Huskisson, who was born and raised in Calgary, describes her work as “fine arts meets comics.”

After majoring in print media at the Alberta University of the Arts, she went on to do various local art shows. 

However, she felt impassioned to continue her education and did her master’s degree in fine arts at the Belfast School of Art in Northern Ireland, which is where she started introducing comics into her art. 

Truth in the Garden is a relief and digital print with acrylic on canvas by Jacqueline Huskisson. Photo: Chelsea Yang Smith

Since then her exploration of the practices of art have developed.

“I’m trying to explore how I can push the boundaries of comics, narrative, painting and printmaking to try to convey new narratives,” said Huskisson.

Huskisson said she has loved comics since she was a child, but her interest in the art style of comics grew in college. 

“A few of my professors introduced me to more indie comics, so I’m not really a huge fan of Marvel, per se, but more of like, underground stuff,” she said. 

Barrier for Bump Roadworks 2022 by Jacqueline Huskisson Photo: Jacqueline Huskisson

Comics aren’t the only inspiration for her art; Huskisson often tries to create narratives in her art based on personal experiences. 

“A lot of the time it’s exploring my own disabilities, my interactions with home, my interactions with others,” said Huskisson.

Still, she hopes others can relate to her artwork and draw inspiration from it. 

“When we have these kinds of artworks or comics or movies or whatever, where we can relate to, we can learn more about ourselves and about others.”

Huskisson’s favourite piece, Whispers, depicts two figures sitting in a bathroom and a shark coming out of the toilet “whispering weird things.”

“I just let myself have fun with that one,” she said. “I’m always drawn to it, even though I don’t think it’s someone’s favourite, it’s my favourite so far.”

As a local artist herself, Huskisson hopes Calgarians support their city’s “really diverse” art scene. 

“I think it’s really important to always, like, try to uplift smaller artists or pinpoint local artists because they’re the ones who are shaping our city or shaping our culture.” 

Design for Northern Reflections 2018 promo by Jacqueline Huskisson Photo: Jacqueline Huskisson

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