Calgary-Fish Creek isn’t the kind of place that changes its political leaders very often. In fact, in the 44 year history of the riding, they’ve only ever had three MLAs, all from conservative parties.

This election, they’ll have a new representative, after the retirement of current MLA Richard Gotfried.

The riding, one of 26 in the city, is an important battleground for the UCP and NDP, both of whom want to form government. Though it hasn’t changed hands often, the riding has been close in the past, with Gotfried winning by only 129 votes over the NDP in 2015.

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The riding is home to approximately 50,000 Calgarians, mainly comprised of individuals between the ages of forty-five and sixty-five.

Gotfried won the last provincial election by 8,499 votes but decided last year to retire. The new UCP candidate for Calgary-Fish Creek is Myles McDougall.

Duane Bratt, an MRU political science professor, believes the polls in Calgary will be “very tight this year” as the city used to be comprised of predominantly Conservative ridings but has since become a battleground between the UCP and NDP fighting for votes.

McDougall’s platform for the election focuses on “economic opportunities and prosperity,” improved administration of our healthcare system, and the importance of a competent government willing to find a middle ground with other parties to reduce the polarity of modern-day politics.

Living in the area for the past 18 years has granted McDougall insight into the needs of his community. As an economist, he sees the value of a stable and prosperous economy for all Albertans.

NDP candidate Rebecca Bounsall
UCP candidate Myles McDougall

This is the second provincial election that Rebecca Bounsall has participated in as a representative for the NDP. She firmly believes that “a strong and robust private sector enables a strong public sector,” which depend on one another to better society as a whole.

Bounsall’s election platform centres around the need to address the cost of living and the importance of healthcare in the province. Her platform also outlines her desire to improve the quality of education, the price of post-secondary education, and the Alberta school curriculums.

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