The Sherwood Park riding will be the battleground for UCP incumbent Jordan Walker and the NDP candidate Kyle Kasawksi. 

Walker won the constituency in 2019 with 12,119 votes, making up 45 per cent of the  total ballots cast, after the NDP had won the seat for the first time in 2015.

Kasawksi was selected for the Sherwood Park NDP nomination last September in a bid to take back the riding.  

UCP candidate Jordan Walker.
NDP candidate Kyle Kasawksi. 

What sets them apart

Walker believes that being the incumbent provides his constituents with a record they can judge him on and hold him accountable. 

He has been a legislator for the last four years and has made significant contributions to Bill 220, which brings flexibility to  bereavement leave which now includes parents who lost their child to miscarriage or stillbirth.  

If given the opportunity, Kasawksi brings over 20 years of experience as an  entrepreneur with an extensive background in the energy industry, renewables, and  technology adoption. Kasawksi defeated former NDP MLA Annie McKitrick, County  Councillor Katie Berghofer, and teacher Jeff Manchak in the 4-way NDP nomination for  Sherwood Park.  

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Top Concerns 

“This is in stark contrast to the lead up to the 2019 election where the issues were about  oil and gas, the economy, and jobs.” says Duane Bratt, a political scientist at Mount  Royal University.

Affordability and healthcare are two important issues for Albertans in this election.  

Walker addresses these two concerns with UCP’s affordability action plan where they  continue to pause the provincial gas tax and provide electricity and natural gas rebates.  Their health care action plan aims to decrease wait times, improve EMS response  times, reduce surgery wait times, and empower front line workers. 

Kasawski mentioned a lot of anxiety in health care from the community, revealing that  several residents voiced concerns about the lack of available family doctors. NDP’s  Family Health Teams aims to expand current clinics and establish new clinics to meet  the growing demand. 

The replacement of Sherwood Heights Junior High is also a critical election issue for the  community in this provincial election. Both candidates have expressed their party’s  commitment to building the replacement school.  

What’s next for the area

The candidates say they’re looking forward to big things in the community.

For Walker, it’s the expansion of the Strathcona Community  Hospital which he and another local MLA, Nate Glubish, lobbied effectively for.

As for Kasawski, the entrepreneur candidate, it’s how the community can take part in the new  developing economy. “Sherwood Park is adjacent to  Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and you know there is a multi-billion dollar opportunity with  projects being developed in clean tech, hydrogen economy, advanced materials  manufacturing.” 

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Trishka Villar is a student at MacEwan University in Edmonton.