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Watch Brook Palin’s report on the Minimal Filters podcast

Nathan Bailer, Jason Scheible, and Kale Clouston are all childhood friends from small towns around Calgary.

Growing up, they always listened to podcasts and joked that they could create something better and funnier than whatever it was they were listening to. 

What first started as a joke, turned into a reality when Nathan and Kale looked to finally invest in the proper equipment to create their university life styled show.

Jason joined on later to complete the official group of Minimal Filters. They describe the show like this:

This podcast will go viral before we even graduate university. Comedy, bedroom talk, our regretful stories, and even some life advice, we talk about it all. Prepare yourself for an outlandish, modern, and always explicit podcast presented by three degenerate 23 year olds who have no idea what the hell they are doing.

They currently have 72 episodes and look forward to creating more and hopefully sign on to a larger digital media platform in the future. 

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