Nelson Mandela High School held a sports medicine taping competition on February 10 2023 which was a high-energy event that brought together athletic trainers from different programs to showcase their skills and knowledge. 

“I just thought it was a good way to tie in different students from different programs. Maybe kids that had taken sports medicine in the past and wanna come back and test out their skills. Just make it exciting!” says Sports Medicine, instructor Chase Halsted. 

The competition involved a challenge in which participants were asked to apply taping techniques to a variety of injury scenarios. In this case, students had to do the hardest tape job called the “closed basketweave” in exactly 7 minutes. Competitors were judged not only on accuracy and effectiveness of their taping, but also on their speed, technique and creativity. 

“The closed basketweave, it’s my favorite tape job compared to all of them so I’m just excited to do it again,” says competitor Saleena Gill.

The atmosphere was electric, with participants cheering each other on and pushing themselves to do their best. That being said, finally after a fierce competition, Saleena Gill emerged as the winner. As a seasoned athletic trainer, her impressive display of strength, speed, and skill wowed the judges. The event also provided an opportunity for sports medicine professionals to network and exchange tips, benefiting themselves and others. Participants left feeling invigorated and inspired, with memories that will last. For Gill, the victory was well-deserved and a testament to her hard work.

 Chase Halsted scrutinizes the tape job, making sure every inch is secure and properly placed. PHOTO: GURLEEN SODHI  

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