New-age spiritual products are taking the world by storm. And it’s everything from health and wellness to medium readings, to magical resin dishes.

The New Moon Market that took place Feb. 18, 2023 filled the Glamorgan Community Association with like-minded-spiritual people gathering together to celebrate their community and experience the best products and activities that Calgary’s pagan community offers. 

The event included energy workers, healers, readers and vendors, but it was about more than just the services. It provided a chance for community members to get together and get involved in the new-age pagan experience with people who share similar values.  Annalise Hearn was an attendee at the event.

New Moon Market vendors at Glamorgan Community Centre. PHOTO: PAGAN SPIRIT EVENTS FACEBOOK

“I just really like the fact that everyone who shares this special interest can come together and interact in a setting like this. Like it’s a one-stop-shop for everything a spiritual person could ever need,” says Hearn. Adding that “you don’t get to see things like this very often.”

Pagan Spirit Events aimed to create a space where people of all religions, faiths and beliefs could harness their energies and participate in a unique and inviting event.

“The new age pagan spiritual community that isn’t like your typical Christian churches or Christian faiths or other Abrahamic religions. There’s nothing like this out there really. We’re trying to make an inclusive event for everyone to go to,” says Adam Giassou, one of the event’s curators. 

Giassou and his team at Pagan Spirit Events also spiritual retreats where members of the community can get out of the city and get a chance to recharge their spiritual energies.

The next New Moon Market – Summer Solstice Edition takes place Saturday, June 10 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information on upcoming events and retreat visit the Pagan Spirit Events website.

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