The neighbourhood of Kensington has been a city hot spot for years. The walkable community located along the Bow River, is home to over 200 shops and services.

But what’s so great about Kensington?

Is it the architecture that makes the neighbourhood stand out, the unique restaurants and stores, or is it the local residents that make it special?

Talking with Kensington’s residents, a few owners of the local shops, and a director of the West Hillhurst Community Association, here’s one important thing about what makes the neighbourhood so popular. 

It’s the people.

Luis Marin, a barista at Oolong Tea House, is an example of the kind workers who welcome customers into their shops and make them feel at home. 

“There’s good moral here,” he says about the tea shop. “Everyones in good spirits and we try and give that back to the community that ends up in here”

Carol White, a part business owner of PB&J YYC, treats her customers in a similar manner.

“Whenever anyone comes in, we greet them with a smile and we give them as quick of service as possible,” she says. “We try to treat people like they’re part of the family when they’re here.”

Peter Stunden, a director at the West Hillhurst Community Association, says many locals of the community have resided in the area for decades. 

“To this day, some of the early residents that first settled here, their families still live here,” he says. 

To learn more about Kensington, and what makes it so great, follow Calgary Journal reporters Jasleen Bhangu, Sannah Chawdhry, and Julie Patton as they interview local residents and businesses about the neighbourhood.

Kensington’s businesses reflect on their neighbourhood. VIDEO: JASLEEN BHANGU, SANNAH CHAWDHRY AND JULIE PATTON

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Julie Patton is a fourth year journalism student at MRU and newsletter editor at the Calgary Journal. She is also the news editor at The Reflector.