I scream, you scream, we all scream for donations that go to Kids Cancer Care. 

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June 16, 2023, was National Ice Cream Day and Foothills Creamery celebrated it in the best way possible, by donating to Kids Cancer Care.

At their second annual Scoop Slam, Foothills Creamery handed out free ice cream to guests, had an ice cream eating contest and donated $2 to Kids Cancer Care for every scoop of ice cream served. The event took place at Mount Royal University Amphitheatre.

According to organizers, $2,000 was donated.

“When you’re giving back to the community, especially an event like this, we have lots of kids and lots of families out, it’s just good to give back to those families that aren’t as fortunate with situations like [kids cancer],” said Breanne Kramer, with Foothills Creamery. 

Kramer said that the Scoop Slam is intended to bring the community together and celebrate what Foothills Creamery is known for as a Calgary-born and raised company. Foothills Creamery knows how many scoops of ice cream are attainable from one tub of ice cream which is how they will tally how much to donate to Kids Cancer Care.

Last year, the winner of the Scoop Slam ice cream eating contest won a year’s supply of ice cream. That winner was no other than Larry Ottewell who suffered frostbite in the process by ditching the spoon and eating with his hands. This year, Ottewell came more prepared. 

“I did a lot of research; cotton glove first and then latex glove over overtop and that protected my hands,” said Ottewell. 

In a neck-and-neck competition, Ottewell, the reigning champion pulled off another win, eating nearly double to amount of ice cream he consumed last year. Ottewell said the secret to his success may be contributed to never getting brain freezes from ice cream. Taking home a year’s supply of ice cream for the second year in a row, Ottewell said he’s not sick of ice cream yet. 

“I would say it’s an average person’s year’s supply of free ice cream so I go through it pretty fast. But any free ice cream is great,” said Ottewell.

Matalyn Schall, bronze medalist for the Scoop Slam 2023 races to break down pageant girl stigmas on July 16, 2023. ISABELLA WEST / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY.

Although Ottewell is the Scoop Slam champion for two years running, Matalyn Schall, bronze medalist for the Scoop Slam and Miss Teen Calgary 2023, said that she’s coming for the title next year. 

“I’m coming for the title. Honestly, it would be really cool and it also helps break the stigma around pageant girls not eating so it’s important for me to do,” said Schall, who managed to finish a tub of vanilla Foothills Creamery ice cream in nearly five minutes. 

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