Mayank Parmar, a degree holder in chemistry and physics, says his passion for helping young people with their school work led him to start the tutoring service School is Easy. The program, which can be accessed online, offers personalized learning that matches students with the right tutors to ensure effective learning and review of academic material.

“We work based on students’ needs. Some students may need extra help in mathematics, some students may need help with science.” 

One-to-one tutoring provided by School is Easy has proven to have a remarkable impact on students’ academic performance. It not only builds their confidence but also keeps them engaged and focused during lessons, leading to deeper learning.

In addition, the program offers flexible options for tutoring, including in-person, online, or a combination of both. For instances, they accommodate tutoring sessions in public places like coffee shops or libraries, making it convenient for students with different schedules and requirements.

Mayank Parmar (right) at a meeting with a representative from Airdire’s Chamber of Commerce. PHOTO: SUPPLIED BY MAYANK PARMAR

Mrs. Tanabe, who work as a counsellor, said, “I am always confident in recommending School is Easy to my students. The qualified and credible tutors at School is Easy are subject matter experts who possess strong communication skills and great patience. They undergo thorough screening to meet the high standards set by the organization.”

School is Easy has also introduced a new on-demand tutoring app, further enhancing accessibility and convenience for students.  

Looking ahead into the future Mayank hopes to expand into the global market starting in the United States.  

“And I may even pass on my legacy to younger generations of my family members.” 

School is Easy is based out of Airdrie and can be found online at

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