Farmers markets have a reputation for being expensive, but the Bridgeland-Riverside Farmers Market hopes to challenge this perception — especially in a time when many have concerns about the rising cost of living. 

The outdoor, community-based farmers market runs every Thursday from June to October. The final market of the season runs Thursday Oct. 5 and features harvest-themed events and activities. It’s been another successful year for the market.

“We wanted to celebrate local food and community and see our neighbourhood come alive each week,” said the market’s manager, Andrea Lau.

“And because it happens outdoors, it brings our community together.”  

Consumers often associate farmers markets with organic products and expensive prices, but some vendors offer great deals when you buy more.

Lau also insists that there is no real difference in prices between your typical supermarkets and the Bridgeland-Riverside Farmers Market.

Plus, the food tastes better. 

“It tastes 10 times better than, say, store-bought strawberries or store-bought carrots or tomatoes,” Lau said. 

Lau adds that buying local food also helps keep local farmers in business. 

“You’re investing your dollars kind of right back into your community. So these vendors are people who live in and work in Calgary and you help them directly as families [and] family owned businesses to make a living and enjoy what they do,” said Lau. 

As well as organic products, the market also sells baked goods, sweet treats, beer, clothing and much more. 

The farmers’ market also offers lawn games, face painting, and street performances for its shoppers.  

This year, the Bridgeland-Riverside Farmers Market also features a ‘locally grown’ concert series, showcasing local musicians, as a celebration of the market’s 10-year anniversary. 

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