Screamfest, Calgary’s notoriously scary Halloween attraction, is back with multiple spooks and scares that are sure to petrify its visitors. But, more than just haunted houses, the festival also features games, monster truck rides, and an independent horror film festival.

Whether you enjoy a good scare or want to put your courage to the test, Screamfest is the place to be. Calgarians can visit the Stampede GMC Stadium to face their fears until Oct. 31.

According to AJ Kolankowski, a member of the Screamfest marketing team, the event is all about fear. Six haunted houses are available to visitors, and each house has their own terrifying theme: Clowntown, Slaughterhouse, Afraid of the Dark, What Lies Beneath, Bates Motel, and Reapers and Grim. 

Screamfest has much more to offer than just haunted houses. With various creative events being held on the grounds, horror enthusiasts are also given the opportunity to contribute and appreciate a talented and dedicated community. 

“We actually have a film festival that we have been doing for the last four seasons,” says Kolankowski. “We get hundreds of submissions of never-before seen horror films, and it’s on site at Screamfest.” 

While tickets are available at the door, it is strongly recommended to purchase tickets online. Visitors who show up earlier are more likely to whisk through the lines and visit their favorite haunted houses at a much faster pace. Those who arrive later get to experience terror even while  waiting in line. 

“Lineups are part of the experience. We’ve got people running around with chainsaws and fog and stuff while you’re standing in line,” says Kolankowski. 

This year, Screamfest hopes to break a world record on Friday the 13th by having the most people dressed as the iconic Jason Vorhees–the popular antagonist of the hit horror series, Friday the 13th–in one place. 

“We’re giving away 1,000 free costumes to the first 1,000 people who come through the door,” says Kolankowski. 

Visitors at Screamfest should keep a lookout for teen night on opening night, where teens are strongly encouraged to come out earlier, and the adults-only night on Oct. 26.

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