The Bearspaw Fall Harvest Market has supported local Calgary businesses for 41 years but in recent years introduced non-local vendors while still placing a focus on building a sense of community. 

The market, just northwest of the city, will host over 100 vendors with a minimum of 80 per cent of those vendors being local to Alberta. The products available at the market include a variety of jewelry, clothes, food and a unique assortment of other crafts and items.

“It’s very important that we show that we are supporting small businesses that are in Alberta, small businesses that are working from home and really trying to get their company up and running,” says event coordinator and market manager Sheila Salatesky.

Since the beginning, organizers and employees have placed an importance on local business. However in the last two years the market has been opened up to bigger chain sellers or “resellers.” The current organizers of the market want to create a sense of community for the people they host while still  incorporating the non-local vendors. 

Bearspaw Centre hosts a variety of groups and peoples. Salatesky and the other organizers realize this and are proud to serve such a diverse and inclusive community. 

A group of women browse a booth at last years Fall Harvest Market PHOTO: NASH HANNA

When sorting through the over 500 vendor applications for this year’s market, Salatesky wanted to ensure “the vendor’s reflect the diversity of the area,” so there was something for everyone to enjoy.   

“When I see so many different groups of people come through. I’m thinking, now this is what life’s all about,” says Salatesky. “It’s all about everyone accepting one another and coming together as a big group and supporting each other.”

The Fall Harvest Market takes place this weekend at the Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre. The door admission price for the market is $3, with tickets also available online.

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